From day one our company has been committed to provide the highest level of service and quality that can be found in this industry. With a focus on the multifamily industry we have successfully exceeded all expectations time to time providing true flooring solutions

who we are

A question kept pondering on the minds of our founders:

"Why are there so many companies neglecting their service towards their customers"

They believed that more could be done. And they were right.


Every day we work to have a deeper understanding of our customer's needs and expectations, an understanding that allows us to outperform our competitors on every single aspect.

Our distinctive account managers are not only


One of the key advantages of working with Sunrise Flooring is that all of our account managers are required to have previous extensive flooring experience

This allows them to bring you on site solutions and problem solving 

Sunrise Flooring delivers a superior flooring experience. At competitive prices

who we are